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General Information

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This is the place of MUST READ information, most notably the RULES for play! Located inside is also a place for suggestion and inquiries.

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Feel free to post a thread advertising your site, or ask to request affiliation!

The Character Corner

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Whether you're making an original character or hoping to play a canon character from a TV show, find everything you need to know in here.
**Members Only to help prevent Creative Copyright infringement**

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Last post : The Shava Brood by Shavabear

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These threads are started by you, the players, for the sole purpose of keeping track of your characters relationships and histories.

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Here you'll find any site wide plots, past or present, plus all member story arcs. Wanted ads abound for those willing to play in other's arcs.

Around the World

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Continuing the cause for revolution and supremacy, any queries concerning this plot should be directed to Shavabear.

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Any threads that relate to the "We Are Legion" site fundraising plot/event reside in here. All inquiries regarding this plot should be directed to the plot directors: 47Jamoo, Quillkeeper or No One Special.

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This plot about the possible end of the world explores a bit of Heroes Reborn with a twist. PM Gumscroll for more information about the plot or how you might get involved.

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There is a lot to experience outside of the USA. Too few take advantage of the travel, but if they did... Oh! the things they would see! General posting (not in player specific plots) occurs here.

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This land is your land... as long as you bought it! General posting within the US (but outside of specific player plots) occurs in here.

Endless Possibilities

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When something happens on the site that we all should know about, this is where you'll find it!
**Remember, you are responsible for reporting your own RP events!**

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Last post : Trapped! (Susan, 28) by Gummy

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When you want to write alone and keep it canon to your character's history, this is the place for it to happen! Advance your story and show us the awesome talent that resides within you!

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If you're going outside the present time-line or trying to play out a "what if" and alternate reality, this is where you'll find a board for you!

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Need to do a quick thread to fill in a gap? Want to make an event happen that is dialog heavy and you just want to get it done fast? Use the cbox in here to write with others and advance your plot more quickly! Just be sure to copy and paste it into a thread to save it for posterity!