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The area in the upper northeastern US (from NY to Maine) is practically a country all its own! If you can get past the dialect, the charm of this area could seduce you.
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The capitol of the US, this is the heart of demagoguery. Its influence reaches beyond Maryland and Northern Virginia to all the world.

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From Chicago to St. Louis and Pittsburgh to Minneapolis, the Mid West holds both large swaths of farmland and population; a seeming oxymoron that somehow works.
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The great plains encompass the Dakotas down to Kansas. This is where most the food is grown and very little else happens.

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Still wild after over a century of development, vast deserts meet towering mountains and raucous rivers. The land west of the Mississippi contains only a few large cities until you reach the coast.
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Largely known for Texas and Florida, the deep south includes a lot more than those! From NASA to oilfields and an unnatural love of grits, this land is almost a country of its own!